Environemental Engineering

FEI has been providing services in the environmental field since 1990!

Our Experience

Codes and Regulations

FEI is thoroughly familiar with the codes and regulations that must be complied with to insure a successful project. All of our services are provided by certified personnel whose work is always reviewed by a Licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.).

Optimum Solutions

Our Services

Our services include the preparation of and revision to SPCC/DPCC/DCR Plans, OPA-90 Plans, Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA) Surveys, and other spill prevention and response manuals.

Operation Assistance

Permitting Services

FEI also provide permitting services for air, rainwater discharge and other related permits that are required to operate a variety of facilities.

Why Our Environmental Engeering?

Our priority for every client is to produce the optimum solution for their unique engineering problems on a cost efficient and timely basis.

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